ASP Science Conference 2020

The Call for Abstracts is now open!

We invite ASP team members, Early Career Researchers and invited speakers to submit abstracts for the ASP Science Conference 2020. Download the conference abstract template here.

Please join us for the first Antarctic Science Platform Conference and associated expert workshops. We invite our collaborators, the wider science community and stakeholders to a discussion on Antarctica’s impact on the global earth system, and how this might change in a +2°C (Paris agreement) world. The conference provides an opportunity for the Antarctic Science Platform team to present an update on our research, to discuss successes, challenges and next steps .

Our joint plenary session with stakeholders and scientists considers how to best support policy makers in a joint session. In addition, expert workshops on key Antarctic Science Platform priorities will allow us to explore high priority opportunities and challenges. Antarctica New Zealand will provide an update on Scott Base redevelopment plans and the 2021/22 field season.

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ASP Conference Sessions

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Sessions focus on the ASP research priorities and impact statements. Please find an overview below. An open session supports invited contributions by Antarctica New Zealand, scientific collaborators, and policy makers.

Download the ASP Science conference programme below

Research Priority 1: Understanding the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Research Priority 2: Understanding the impacts of change in the Antarctic atmosphere and Southern Ocean

Research Priority 3: Understanding threats to ecosystem dynamics in the Ross Sea

Research Priority 4: Understanding change in terrestrial and nearshore Antarctic environments, and the connections between them

ASP Workshop Overview

A total of nine workshops are planned. Please find below an overview the organisers and brief workshop descriptions.

If not stated otherwise, workshops are open to all with an interest in the topic. Please indicate in your registration which workshops you would like to attend. We will try our best to schedule the workshops with the least overlap possible.

  • Mātauranga Māori and Te Ao Māori in the Context of Antarctic Research
  • Ross Sea ecosystem responses to warming: Building new capacity and knowledge to understand and forecast change
  • Enhancing Opportunities for Vessel-Based Science
  • Future Projections and Modelling Hub Workshop
  • Prioritisation of Sea Ice Research - Opportunities, Challenges and Key Deliverables
  • Ross Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) Stakeholder Workshop (by invitation only)
  • ASP Project 1 Planning and Implementation Workshop (Project 1 team members only)
  • Sharing your research with everyday New Zealanders

ASP Expert Workshops Descriptions