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SBR concept
19 January 2022

The new face rebuilding Scott Base

Antarctica New Zealand has a new Project Director steering the redevelopment of New Zealand’s home on the ice. Jon Ager has been brought on to lead the delivery of the Scott Base Redevelopment project and manage Antarctica New Ze… Read More

Associate Professor Sergio Morales
11 January 2022

Microbe communities discovered under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf

A University of Otago-led study has found evidence of a diverse community of microbes that thrive in the cold, dark, low-energy environment beneath Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf, hundreds of kilometres from the open ocean. The stud… Read More

K892 B 2021 EM Bird 3 Anthony Powell
20 December 2021

The Bird that measures Antarctic ice

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…It’s a laser-shooting electromagnetic ice device!This Antarctic research season, Kiwi scientists are using new technology to measure sea ice in McMurdo Sound and help add to our understanding of its impo… Read More

Scott Base from above by Antz Powell
17 December 2021

Cabinet approves Aotearoa's 10 year research plan for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Aotearoa New Zealand’s plan for research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean over the next decade has been approved by Cabinet, following public consultation.The Antarctic Research Directions and Priorities 2021-2030 reaffirms A… Read More