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P1102171b e1674523192685 Julians seal
2 February 2023

Highlights from a trip to Antarctica

Julian Thomson from Outside Learning recently returned from Antarctica, where he was assisting a team researching microbes that live within the sea ice. This is his top 10. Read More

EM Bird flying
1 February 2023

New research cracks climate-change mystery of Antarctic sea ice

Pioneering airborne technology developed by University of Canterbury researchers will be used to map and measure a vast stretch of Antarctic sea ice, revealing more about the critical role it plays in the global climate system. Read More

Science Update 1
31 January 2023

Science Update - January 2023

Bacteria that eat light, diving under Lake Fryxell's thinning ice, a next-generation Antarctic drill arrives at McMurdo pier. Read More

Fig 2 Drilling v2 Raster 01
31 January 2023

Uncovering Antarctica secrets through international drilling initiative

A ground-breaking Antarctic drilling system has been designed and constructed in Porirua. "Sediment cores are crucial for climate studies as they allow us to glimpse into past periods when climate was warmer than today and like t… Read More

Scott Base by Al Chapman
30 January 2023

Scott Base COVID-19 update

UPDATE 7 February: Scott Base is once again free of COVID, with the final members of our crew out of isolation and no new cases detected in the past week. We will continue to test and monitor. COVID-19 has reached Scott Base. T… Read More

Al Chapman photo
27 January 2023

NZDF: Decades of flying to the ice

For nearly 70 years the Royal New Zealand Air Force has been an important presence in the frozen continent of Antarctica. Read More