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12 February 2021

Scott Base Redevelopment: Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation

Antarctica New Zealand is committed to supporting world leading science and the kaitiakitanga of our unique environment. We ensure all our activities in the Ross Sea region are carried out with the highest quality environmental s… Read More

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10 February 2021

Iceperts arrive in Christchurch

In a normal season, New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists would either be at Scott Base or just returning from Antarctica. Instead they are gathering in Christchurch for the Antarctic Science Conference and the Snow and Ice Research… Read More

5 February 2021

Ride in Scott Base style

It is 17 years old and has 40,560 kilometres on the clock, but those are 40 thousand kilometres like no other vehicle in the world. Antarctica New Zealand is selling a 2004 Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier.The truck has spent the… Read More

Ian Hawes
3 February 2021

What the future could hold for Antarctica’s unique ecosystems

Kiwi researchers are among twenty-five world-leading Antarctic biologists who have come together to produce a comprehensive “state-of-the-nation” style article on Antarctica’s ecosystems. From microscopic bacteria, to penguins an… Read More

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29 January 2021

Scott Base Redevelopment: Weather Station relocation

The construction of a new weather station at Scott Base will ensure the continuation of the longest-running data set of the southern continents weather.The station sits 135m from the existing one, which has been operating since 1… Read More