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K892 A
11 October 2021

New ice drilling technology developed in Wellington on its way to Antarctica

A brand new piece of ice drilling technology developed in Wellington has begun its journey to Antarctica. It will help scientists understand the impact of climate change on the platelet ice crystals of the Southern Ocean. Read More

NIWA has used the sledges before to carry sensitive equipment
30 September 2021

New lease of life for Antarctic sledges

Sometimes they just don’t make them like they used to.That’s certainly the case for three old timber sledges that have just been carefully maintained before they head back down to Scott Base for another busy season to help measur… Read More

ANZ C130 ICE FLIGHT 24th SEPT 21 5
24 September 2021

Boomerang from Scott Base

One false start and they’re off!The first cohort of Scott Base staff flew out of Christchurch this morning for Antarctica – marking the start of New Zealand’s 2021/22 summer season.They NEARLY got there on Monday, but the Royal N… Read More

25 August 2021

'Unexpectedly moving' - Kiwis welcome first sunrise in Antarctica in 6 months

As New Zealand settles into lockdown, Kiwis in the most isolated place in the world are welcoming their relative freedom, watching the sun rise for the first time in six months. Read More