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Science Update 1
31 May 2023

Science Update - May

Learn about the McMurdo Wet Valleys, sea ice and a new geological mapping database for Antarctica. Read More

Friis Hills Taylor Glacier East Antarctic Ice Sheet beyond photo Adam Lewis
31 May 2023

Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys haven't always been dry, study suggests

When were the Dry Valleys last wet? It’s a question that’s long puzzled Antarctic researchers, but Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington adjunct lecturer Dr Marjolaine Verret may now have the answer. Read More

Antarctica image
19 May 2023

New map unlocks deep digital data of Antarctica’s history

Today marks a ground-breaking transformation in global Antarctic research, and a new way we understand the frozen continent. Documentation of the first open-access and comprehensive geological database of Antarctica, GeoMAP Antar… Read More

Science Update 1
30 April 2023

Science Update - April

What caused the recent auroras, more from the Tangaroa voyage and how to register for the New Zealand - Australia Antarctic Science Conference. Read it here in the April Science Update. Read More

Starlink install at Scott Base Credit Ed Anscombe
29 April 2023

Connecting with Scott Base now easier after Starlink installed

Connecting with Antarctica is now easier than ever with Starlink bringing a whole new world of communication. Read More

Emperor Close Up
28 April 2023

Special update: New Zealand - Australia Antarctic Science Conference

Registrations are open, the deadline for abstracts has been extended, and student grants are available! Find out all the details in our special update. Read More