Antarctica's ICEperts - Forays into Frozen Oceans

Sea ice sciene Natalie Robinson Vanessa Wells
14 August 2020

Our Antarctic ICEperts webinar series will unpack life in Antarctica, while highlighting the important research conducted by the Antarctic Science Platform over the last three years. This science will inform policy makers understanding of Antarctica’s impact on the global earth system and how this might change in a +2˚C (Paris Agreement) world.

This week, we’re joined by Natalie Robinson, Co-Principal Investigator of Project Four: Sea Ice and Carbon Cycle feedbacks.

Further details and registration below:

Date: Thursday 20 August
Forays into Frozen Oceans

From the time of the earliest explorers, each encounter with Antarctica’s frozen ocean has taught us something new of the continent and its role in Earth’s climate system. In this talk Dr Natalie Robinson will describe how her own work fits into a long history of discovery, some of the ways that ice-ocean interactions influence global climate, and the role that technology has played in transforming access and understanding. We’ll journey beneath the ice and into the future and take in some unique human stories along the way.

Who? Dr. Natalie Robinson.

Dr Robinson is a Marine Physicist at NIWA, specialising in polar oceanography. She began her Antarctic research journey in the early 2000s and has significantly contributed to the understanding of the oceanic connection between ice shelf and sea ice regimes. Natalie is Co-PI of the Antarctic Science Platform’s of Project Four: Sea Ice and Carbon Cycle feedbacks. Not only does she study super cooled water, but she IS super cool, and was the research muse for a New Zealand Playhouse production called Chilled, which is all about Antarctic Science.

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