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EM Bird flying
12 January 2021

Bird's Icy View

A Kiwi research team has, for the first time ever, used a fixed wing aircraft to measure the thickness of a huge area of sea ice in Antarctica.This is a major milestone for understanding sea ice processes in a region of Antarctic… Read More

Lorde sitting down in antarctica
15 December 2020

Lorde’s Voyage to the End of the World

In February 2019, the pop star traveled to Antarctica to learn about the climate crisis firsthandI’ve been obsessed with Antarctica since I was a kid. Growing up in New Zealand, the race to the South Pole is mythologized like the… Read More

10 December 2020

Lorde on Going South

“I have dreamt about Antarctica every week for months. Every few nights there are Emperor penguins in my garden or there is like some expansive gets you on a sort of subconscious level… it’s just the coolest thing that … Read More

Climate change photo
7 December 2020

Antarctic scientists support climate emergency

Antarctic scientists say the Prime Minister’s declaration of a climate emergency in New Zealand is an important signal to industry and communities, to consider climate change consequences in all their decision-making efforts. Eve… Read More

IMG 0206
4 December 2020

2021 Antarctic Science onference

Registrations now open!Registrations for the joint New Zealand Antarctic Science and NZ Snow and Ice Research Group Conference are now open. Visit the conference website to access the registration portal, and to get up to speed w… Read More