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Project 2 - Antarctic Ocean Mechanics

Project 2 - Antarctic Ocean Mechanics

The focus of Project Two is to understand interactions between the ocean and atmosphere in relation to a warming world and how this may affect grounding line retreat and ice sheet melt. Project two will also develop the current understanding of human impacts on natural climate variation

The project will focus on the questions:

  1. How are oceanic and atmospheric heat transports changing?
  2. When will we see the emergence of the anthropogenic signal from the natural variability?

The Scientists

TNB Stevenspic Brett Grant

Lead Principal Investigator

Craig has been involved in Antarctic research for over 15 years. He is currently the Principal Marine Physics Scientist at NIWA and an Associate Professor at the University of Auckland. Craig is interested in Antarctic research because he says it is the sharp end of where climate change is happening on the planet and an amazing system to discover news things about how the world works.

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Christina Riesselman photo by Rebecca Parker

Co-Principal Investigator: Christina Riesselman

Christina has been involved in Antarctic research since 2003. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the departments of Geology and Marine Science at the University of Otago. Christina’s career long commitment to reconstructing past Antarctic climates began during a conversation with her undergraduate professor and mentor, David Harwood. He introduced her to the idea fundamental knowledge about the earth’s response to climate change was missing.

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Early Career Researchers